Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Pics

After purchasing rechargeable batteries and a new memory card :) My old camera is working again (zoom doesn't work but I can live with that lol) So here are some pics of stuff I have been working on lately.

My 2 pages for ENJOY : PAPER08: Operation 03 : What's Next? I still have to catch up on my other Operations :) Hopefully today or soon.The first page of my Everday Moments album. I actually altered the tag I took off a pair of jeans for this :) I love how it came out. I take so many pictures and some times there are those that just don't really go with a theme or I don't have a certain album to put them in so I decided to start this album.Still need to catch up onOverlooked subjects and also *e* . I have gotten behind with everything lately :( Hope to do some catching up.