Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Todays thoughts

I needed to come here and post some thoughts that have been going through my mind today. 

Last night I received news that a dear, sweet friend had passed away. I texted my best friend (a coworker and friend of his (more so than I)) to tell her, if she needed my help with anything at all, to call me. Later came the phone call, asking me to make a commemorative plaque per say to hang over the kitchen door at the Crossroads Cafe`. Why?? Because I am the crafty one of us friends. So, now I embark on a journey to make a plaque in memory of a very special man, and I am so, so nervous. I will put my heart in it though and it will be special and my way of helping his memory to live on in the hearts of everyone he touched.

***edited 12/18/09*** This is what I came up with for the plaque. I just need to put a hanger on the back and a few coats of polyurethane. Then it will be delivered to the Crossroads where it will hang for hopefully many years to come.