Sunday, September 11, 2011

Still here :)

I know I haven't posted in forever, I am very sorry for that. Lots going on and just no ambition to get anything done. Hoping that once things settle I will be posting again. I have lots I want to get accomplished and lots planned for the blog.

Be back soon :)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


 The past few days have definitely been a good reason to stay in where it is warm and safe. We have gotten blasted with a nasty winter storm. Yesterday we got 4"- 6" of snow on top of what hasn't melted from previous storms. Today we are getting hit with sleet and freezing rain. Yuck to the max.
2-1-11 at about 7 am

killer icicles on the neighbors house

my new workdesk :) the loveseat..
What I have been working on lately.
First, be sure to head over toWOYWW headquarters and have a peak at everyone's work spaces :) Make sure you have plenty of refreshments handy because it will take a bit to get through them all. Be sure to let the posters know you have been there and had a nosey. We all love the comments :)
Now onto the business at hand :) My newest project is fixing a quilt top that I have had for many moons. It has holes in it and well I love it so much I can't bear to throw it in the trash. It is made of beautiful and funky vintage fabrics. Back in December I saw  this post on Smile and Wave and it gave me the inspiration to fix my lovely quilt topper. I am hoping to have it done soon but well my hands get tired and I haven't been doing much with it steadily. And I also signed up for a Valentine swap on Hilltown Families that are due out by the 7th, so I will be working on those the next few days.
Still trying to workout on how to answer comments so you can all see them. Until I figure out how to respond individually I will just do a recap :)
From my 1-23-11 post- Miss Virginia, I am glad to be back in blogland. I didn't know how much I missed it till I started blogging again.As you can see above we have gotten lots and lots of snow. Luckily, I have plenty of projects, food and coffee to keep me busy and warm. One of these fridays I plan on joining in on your Rocking Your World Friday.
From last weeks WOYWW post-
Karen- not always a tidy desk, just on Wednesdays (insert sheepish grin, lol)!
Samantha- I need at least 2 pots of coffee to get through the whole list of fellow WOYWWers, but it is just so much fun.
Vickie- I need all the help I can get to gain peace in my little world. After I have read it, I will definitely post what I think about it.
Tracey- Those black bins are empty chocolate drink mix containers that will be turned into banks. I am big on upcycling items that would otherwise be put the trash. I will be sure to share a pic when they are done :)

A big thank you to all for stopping on by. Hope you all are having a wonderfully Blessed day :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WOYWW a re-return :)

Hello again :) Wow 2 posts in a week, there might be hope for me after all :)  Be sure to hop on over to WOYWW Headquarters :) to have a sneak at everyone's desks. But be warned, it is time consuming, and you can't just look at 1, you just have to keep having a sneak :)
Not much going on my desk this am. But the day is still young. I have been working on my inspire sign for over a week and have not got much done with it. The book is "The Peace Book" by Louise Diamond. Haven't started reading it yet but I am hoping for some insight into some inner issues I have.
Not much of a post for today. I am awaiting a visit from the grand baby :)
Have a blessed day :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

attempting a return to blogging :)

We all know that life gets in the way but wow, I didn't realize how long it had been since I blogged. Hoping to blog more this coming year. January has been fun so far haha We celebrated my grand daughters 1st Birthday :) That is her and I in the picture above. That lil girl brings so much joy into this heart of mine.

While going through totes from the basement I hit a goldmine of vintage goodies, including this lovely necklace above. Along with treasures from my childhood that I am so grateful to have now, even though there was no rhyme or reason for me keeping them way back when.

One thing that has not been fun this month is the amount of snow we have gotten. The above picture was taken on 1-12-11 and man it has just continued on a weekly basis. Tomorrow we are due for single digit temps with -30 to lower wind chills. Not my favorite time of the year at all.

Something I miss so much, sunshine :) Looking forward to warmer temps, for sure.

This is what my room looked like a few weeks ago. Total mess and I felt like I hadn't fully moved in, even though we have been here since summer. So, it was time to get busy and get totes and boxes gone through. Took me a while but I got it done and I love having the extra space. Not saying that there are a few boxes that need to finish being organized but it looks so much better in there.

So happy to  have found this lace shawl that belonged to my mom. The wall behind my headboard needing a little something and this fit the bill. I love it.

 Metal craft shelf reorganized :) The top shelf holds extra page protectors, albums in progress (smaller ones) and extra albums. The middle shelf is negatives and idea and inventory binders. And the bottom shelf is all albums. The wine rack in front is now being used to hold fabric and patterns (even though I have yet to learn how to follow one lol)!!
More re-organization on this shelf. Current projects, idea books, already made cards and other lovely stuff. The chest in front hold unused journals, composition notebooks and sketchbooks.
This is what it looks like in front of the house today. Still piles of snow everywhere and we are expecting another storm this week. Hoping the groundhog does the right thing this year and cuts our winter short :)
Hope to be posting more pics of projects soon. And without such a LONG delay in between.