Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ready to be done

Oh, how I am ready for this move to be over with. And I'm not even done packing yet :( I just want to sit down and work in my art journals and yet, I am stuck going through stuff and packing it away. The pain of it all is, I'm only moving 4 streets over haha. But yet stuff still has to be packed and packed safely so as to not ruin any of my precious crafting materials. Notice how I mention nothing of the rest of the house, just my stuff haha. Although last night I went to roast some zucchini in the oven and didn't have a spice that was needed, why??, because I packed it lol Also packed the piece that goes in my rice cooker to steam veggies. UGH!!! The next couple of weeks can go by very quick so I am done and in the new (old) place and getting settled in.
Explanation on the new (old) place lol Before the kids and I moved to Louisiana we lived in the apt. that we are now moving back into :) This is the neighborhood I grew up in and in some ways it feels as if I am going home. So, yes I am ready to be done.
Still no camera :( Haven't had a chance to get out to Wallyworld to check them out. I am so lost without it. I know I have my cell but, it takes very poor quality pictures.
Ok I just need to vent a little and there is no one around here to vent too :) Back to sorting and packing I go.
Hope everyone is having a blessed day.