Friday, April 30, 2010

Sorry for being MIA :) and some art journal pages

Lots going on here. Oldest moved out a few weeks ago and I'm adjusting to life without her and the grandbaby here. So, I have been cleaning ALOT!!!! And I am addicted to Facebook games lol.
 Other stuff going on too, just not at liberty to say at the moment. Nothing really exciting although I sure wish it was.
Anyway so here are some art journal pages I have been working on. I have gessoed all the pages in my one journal. This is the one made with newspaper. I have tried drawing, like the pic above even though I am not too good at it lol
 painted, tissued, and stamped.
 painted, and lettered :) Now just to finish them with images and journalling. I am thinking of sitting down and painting a bunch of the pages with different colors that way they are at the ready, when I am.
 Ordinary composition notebook that I decorated to be my all in one To Do list spot, instead of grabbing pieces of paper here and there lol. And that way the notes don't get thrown away in case I happen to need them at some point.
 a fabric book I am working on for my nephew.
 a little notepad to keep in my purse. Sorry for the crummy pic but I couldn't get it to come out good no matter what I tried.
Off to work on a few things. Hoping to return to WOYWW soon :)
Have an awesome weekend all :)