Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Woohoo I made it back again this week :) a wee bit late but still I am here. Not so clean desk this week. I printed out these journalling tags from Creativity Prompt. Avital is gracious enough to share journalling tags for your personal use only.
The second photo is a pillow that I need to finish sewing and my swap project for next month's stamp club meeting. I picked Easter out of the jar lol And in accordance with Virginia's challenge of altering the alterables we have haha I decided to use the little cardboard gifty box that I have had for so many years, I can't even remember lol
Above you can see a page from inside my Quotes notebook. I just write down the ones that I think I will use in my scrapbooking, art journalling or even cardmaking :)
Now I have been remiss in answering questions left in the comments :( So, here goes :)
From March 31 WOYWW
   Paula Gale-- I don't have to hide my stash from the "other half" as there isn't one. Just me and the kiddos at home.
   Paula Gale and Cher- my kiddos are not into artsy stuff like me, so I was not sure if daughter would like the art piece I made her or not.
   Brenda (Butlersabroad)- the room I took over is supposed to be the dining room. Although for the life of me I can't figure out why anyone would want carpet in here haha So I took it over for my crafts.
From May 5 WOYWW
  Liverpool Lou (Anne)- I received the star hanging thing from one of the very talented ladies in the Altered_stArt yahoo group I am in. :)
And also a big thank you for all the cudos on my art journal pages, I am still learning and it is just so much fun for me. Kinda lets me be a kid again to just go with the flow :)  Ya'll did have me wondering what a cotton reel was though :) Then I looked at the picture and realized it was my spools of thread :)
It will probably take me all week to get through the list of desks, I noticed it has grown considerably :)
Make sure you hop on over to Miss Julia's blog to check out the rest of the desks. I can't say it will take you just a little while, it will take you a LONG while but it is just so much fun.
Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week :)
Till next week :)