Wednesday, February 02, 2011


 The past few days have definitely been a good reason to stay in where it is warm and safe. We have gotten blasted with a nasty winter storm. Yesterday we got 4"- 6" of snow on top of what hasn't melted from previous storms. Today we are getting hit with sleet and freezing rain. Yuck to the max.
2-1-11 at about 7 am

killer icicles on the neighbors house

my new workdesk :) the loveseat..
What I have been working on lately.
First, be sure to head over toWOYWW headquarters and have a peak at everyone's work spaces :) Make sure you have plenty of refreshments handy because it will take a bit to get through them all. Be sure to let the posters know you have been there and had a nosey. We all love the comments :)
Now onto the business at hand :) My newest project is fixing a quilt top that I have had for many moons. It has holes in it and well I love it so much I can't bear to throw it in the trash. It is made of beautiful and funky vintage fabrics. Back in December I saw  this post on Smile and Wave and it gave me the inspiration to fix my lovely quilt topper. I am hoping to have it done soon but well my hands get tired and I haven't been doing much with it steadily. And I also signed up for a Valentine swap on Hilltown Families that are due out by the 7th, so I will be working on those the next few days.
Still trying to workout on how to answer comments so you can all see them. Until I figure out how to respond individually I will just do a recap :)
From my 1-23-11 post- Miss Virginia, I am glad to be back in blogland. I didn't know how much I missed it till I started blogging again.As you can see above we have gotten lots and lots of snow. Luckily, I have plenty of projects, food and coffee to keep me busy and warm. One of these fridays I plan on joining in on your Rocking Your World Friday.
From last weeks WOYWW post-
Karen- not always a tidy desk, just on Wednesdays (insert sheepish grin, lol)!
Samantha- I need at least 2 pots of coffee to get through the whole list of fellow WOYWWers, but it is just so much fun.
Vickie- I need all the help I can get to gain peace in my little world. After I have read it, I will definitely post what I think about it.
Tracey- Those black bins are empty chocolate drink mix containers that will be turned into banks. I am big on upcycling items that would otherwise be put the trash. I will be sure to share a pic when they are done :)

A big thank you to all for stopping on by. Hope you all are having a wonderfully Blessed day :)