Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Well here is my desk for yet another edition of WOYWW. Be sure to click on the picture to the right to go to Miss Julia (our fearless leader)'s page and check out all of the desks :) Not much going on mine today, yet. Spent this am paying bills YUCK!!
 Also included is the under right hand of my desk. This is storage for my SU stamps, markers and down bottom is miscellaneous tools like punches, my labeler, dremel etc. Oh and you can also see the corner of my very first issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. Loving it so much I treated myself to a subscription.
 And here is another art journalling page. I used my stash of MM scrapbooking paints and on the right page I painted with my fingers lol.
That's about it for today. Gloomy here in New England, woke up to more snow, wth, I want spring.
Have a good day all :)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The ugliest teddy bear lol

I'm so embarrassed to post this picture lol What started out as a good idea turned into the ugliest teddy bear I have ever seen. Now that I have made this for the grandbaby, my youngest wants me to make him one with flames on it, ummm really now haha. I'm gonna give it another try and hope it comes out better. I don't know how this one came out so misshapen when before it was sewn it look perfect lol
Off to undertake the huge task of cleaning up the basement so I can clean out the storage area I have been using since April of 2006 (I'm tired of paying them so much money to hold my stuff--I want my stuff lol).
Have a good one all.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Skirts :)

 This one was originally a long skirt that I got at the Goodwill. But I cut it to use for another project and just decided to make a short skirt with what was left.
 Old pair of Dickies white painter pants. Hard to see but in the v I used the leg part from a pair of black jeans. I have to do some more work on this one, I didn't measure haha and the back sticks out way too much lol.
 I think this is my favorite one. Notice more fabric from 1st skirt above.
 A little bit shorter one to wear with leggings.
Black dressy one.
I am also almost finished with the teddy bear but I am a little embarrassed to post a pic. I think it is ugly lol We will see when it is all the way done. I also have 1 more skirt to make but I am tired of sewing at the moment lol so, will be taking a break to work on this months Stamp Club project- a gift card holder or money holder.
Hope everyone has a great day.