Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yesterday I was sitting in my room thinking "I need some inspiration." Every project I looked at I just didn't have the umph to work on lol So, hopped on the computer for a bit and found some inspiration over at And here is what I came up with for catalyst nineteen. Journalling reads "I can't seem to go to sleep unless I have a big mug of chocolate milk and saltines w/ peanut butter. The kids laugh at me and tell me I'm weird. I might be but at least I'm getting to sleep." I used a piece of cardboard and found items I had laying around. I gesso'd and then painted part of the background and cut out a lil hole. I have to say that this is way far from my usual layout but I totally love it :) Thank you to the ladies over at I will definetly be checking back often and participating more :)

And then I finished up Nicole's b'day album from last year. (I know bad mommy)And Dale made this card for his cousin Joey :) He loves using my stamps and stuff :)Not much going on in the craft room today :( I started cleaning stuff out last night so I can hopefully get organized and well I kinda made a mess lol So after the b'day party we are going to I will hopefully get that finished up and then get back to some crafting :)