Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy Holiday Season

I have been super busy working on projects and trying to get the house decorated. Along with the usual household stuff and dr's appts and all the normal everyday stuff.

If you are looking for great inspiration check out Ten Two Studios. Lisa has graciously added lovely images to download. Can't wait to use these on my Christmas pages. Thank you for sharing Lisa.

I hope to have some pics soon of my latest projects. I have been making them but not taking pics :( I get so excited that they are done, then start another one and forget to take a pic.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and getting lots of Christmas crafts done.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Todays thoughts

I needed to come here and post some thoughts that have been going through my mind today. 

Last night I received news that a dear, sweet friend had passed away. I texted my best friend (a coworker and friend of his (more so than I)) to tell her, if she needed my help with anything at all, to call me. Later came the phone call, asking me to make a commemorative plaque per say to hang over the kitchen door at the Crossroads Cafe`. Why?? Because I am the crafty one of us friends. So, now I embark on a journey to make a plaque in memory of a very special man, and I am so, so nervous. I will put my heart in it though and it will be special and my way of helping his memory to live on in the hearts of everyone he touched.

***edited 12/18/09*** This is what I came up with for the plaque. I just need to put a hanger on the back and a few coats of polyurethane. Then it will be delivered to the Crossroads where it will hang for hopefully many years to come.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Busy day of crafting

Well, I spent most of the day either on the computer or at my desk. It felt so good to create something again.

Tag inspired by I might not have all the fun stuff Tim has but I like the way this came out.
And got some work done on my December Daily album inspired by Ali Edwards

front cover

Day 1- minus pic. I'm not able to print out pics every day so I am going to accumulate them in a folder and have them printed next month.
Back to crafting. Have a good night all.

Weighing on my mind

The pictures above are of all Christmas scrapbooking supplies. This year I was going to do a December Daily album, so I gathered everything Christmassy, picked out an album to use and even started it. Then, I saw pictures of others albums and got very discouraged. Not that I don't get inspiration from others or like what I eventually come up with. But, I am using supplies I have had for a long time (yes I am a hoarder, just ask my oldest daughter lol). 
     With that said, I will say what has been weighing on my mind (just to get it down and off my mind). I belong to a stamp group that meets once a month. I love these ladies, lol they are the bees knees :) We have a project every month that goes with a theme, each lady makes one and brings it and the hostess gets all the goodies :) Last month was tags, any kind (but I think most did Christmas). What did I do, I dug through my stash and came up with one using a beer coaster, some way outdated paper and other findings. Everyone loved it. But we got into a discussion about how with the cricut and other new products there aren't too many people that still use light tables and such for dry embossing and stuff like that. HA, I still use my light table, I do NOT own a cricut nor will I. Not that I wouldn't love to have one but I can't justify spending that kind of money on myself. 
     I do not have all the latest gadgets, the latest papers or cute little albums. I use what I have to make my scrapbooks and other art. About the only product I have bought lately is some papers for my grand daughters album. Not that I am whining because I can't go out and buy the newest products, I am just stating that some of us aren't able to go out and do that, so we use what we have. I have put myself on a very strict budget when it comes to my crafts, I am only allowed to fulfill monthly stamp club fee (we order $20 worth of product a month) and adhesives. That is it. Until the time comes when I am down to hardly any paper or embellies or whatever, that is how it will be, I will not go buy paper just because I think it is cute and need it in my stash, or the latest cute little embellies just cause they are on sale, I will use what I have and come up with ideas to fully utilize ALL this stuff I have accumulated in the 11 years I have been scrapbooking and crafting.
    Phew, I feel better now.
    Have a blessed day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Currently working on...

Altered journal outside. I'm thinking I might use this to do some scrapbook pages of me when I was younger. I used a piece of a skirt I found at Goodwill to make the cover. Below is the inside of the above. And the little lace doilie with beads and a butterfly will be going on the outside.

Some pages in one of my art journals. Have done much more than this with it though.
Also working on Baby Shower stuff but I can't post pics yet, cause then Char will see the pics on the computer and find out what I am doing lol
So many ideas have been going on in my head lately and I just can't find the time or energy to do them all :(
Till next time, God Bless.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

lace, ribbon and beads

When you have those 3 things this is what you come up with :) There are 4 more that I have to take pics of, but I think these are so dang cute. Can't wait to wear one of them.

Crafting mojo has returned

photo above compliments of

With planning Chars baby shower (she doesn't read my blogs so I can post it here lol) I want to make a banner like the one above that says Welcome Harmonii. 
Then while finding embellishments for the banner I came up with another project using lace and beads. Along with pages in my art journal, onesies to decorate for Harmonii, and album for Harmonii, swap projects :) I would have to say that my mojo has returned. Thank you Lord for giving me this creative outlet. 
Off to enjoy some peace and quiet before Dale gets up for school, Char gets up for work training, and my walk to the bread store.
Have a good one all.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Donna Downey giveaway

Hop on over to Donna Downey's blog to see the cool Sponsor Giveaway she is having.

Such cool vintage stuff that anyone of us mixed media/scrapbook artists would love to have in our collections... oops supplies lol

Craftroom redo #2

I was given a new desk :) So I had to move things around yet again. I am also getting a set of wire shelves to go over the desk area :) Just have to wait for them to be installed. 
One of my current projects along with Dale's home project for school.
Nothing much else going on in the craft room lately since I was just rearranging again but hopefully today since I will have the apt. to myself, I will get some stuff done.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is what happens when I get bored....

My crafting area goes from looking like this to...

I still have some work to do but for now it will stay this way. Now I just need a desk chair.

A Messy Desk and a new project

This is what my desk looks like at the moment. I dug out the embroidery thread I had on hand to start a few new projects. One of which is in the picture below. I found the link to the pattern, ages ago on Elsie's blog It was a free pattern on flickr (sorry can't get link to work for me). I have had this white sweatshirt forever, the zipper is broke, the cuffs are all messed up BUT I love that sweatshirt. So, I decided to give it some work lol I'm going to embroider the design on the back and then use embroidery thread to fix the cuffs.

I also have a t-shirt that got stained when #1 daughter dyed her hair. I drew my own design on that and will also do some embroidery on it. So, hopefully soon I will have finished photos to share.
That is if I can ever finish the baby shower invites lol (they are amongst the mess on the desk).

Monday, October 19, 2009

Random crafts

This blog will now be for random crafts that I make. Like when I jump in and join in a swap, or just feel like sharing one of my latest crafts.
I now have a separate blog for my shop home. Kerry's Creations since I will be closing my Etsy shoppe.
Off to work on baby shower invites, or some embroidery that I am starting.
Have a good one all.

Friday, October 09, 2009

New Crafting Space

Built in that is filled :)

Well hopefully having this space will help me to get my mojo back lol As of right now I have only been organizing and sorting through stuff lol So, here are pics of the new space (although it looks a bit different now cause I moved stuff around again).
Hope to be posting pics of some new stuff soon.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Etsy shop is open again

I re-opened my etsy shop yesterday after many, many months off. Here are just a few things that were added.

I will be adding more items as I get them finished.
It sure feels good to have gotten back to creating things again. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.