Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Weighing on my mind

The pictures above are of all Christmas scrapbooking supplies. This year I was going to do a December Daily album, so I gathered everything Christmassy, picked out an album to use and even started it. Then, I saw pictures of others albums and got very discouraged. Not that I don't get inspiration from others or like what I eventually come up with. But, I am using supplies I have had for a long time (yes I am a hoarder, just ask my oldest daughter lol). 
     With that said, I will say what has been weighing on my mind (just to get it down and off my mind). I belong to a stamp group that meets once a month. I love these ladies, lol they are the bees knees :) We have a project every month that goes with a theme, each lady makes one and brings it and the hostess gets all the goodies :) Last month was tags, any kind (but I think most did Christmas). What did I do, I dug through my stash and came up with one using a beer coaster, some way outdated paper and other findings. Everyone loved it. But we got into a discussion about how with the cricut and other new products there aren't too many people that still use light tables and such for dry embossing and stuff like that. HA, I still use my light table, I do NOT own a cricut nor will I. Not that I wouldn't love to have one but I can't justify spending that kind of money on myself. 
     I do not have all the latest gadgets, the latest papers or cute little albums. I use what I have to make my scrapbooks and other art. About the only product I have bought lately is some papers for my grand daughters album. Not that I am whining because I can't go out and buy the newest products, I am just stating that some of us aren't able to go out and do that, so we use what we have. I have put myself on a very strict budget when it comes to my crafts, I am only allowed to fulfill monthly stamp club fee (we order $20 worth of product a month) and adhesives. That is it. Until the time comes when I am down to hardly any paper or embellies or whatever, that is how it will be, I will not go buy paper just because I think it is cute and need it in my stash, or the latest cute little embellies just cause they are on sale, I will use what I have and come up with ideas to fully utilize ALL this stuff I have accumulated in the 11 years I have been scrapbooking and crafting.
    Phew, I feel better now.
    Have a blessed day.

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Nelly said...

Hi Kerry -- Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway, good luck!
I totally understand your post. I'm pretty frugal myself and I've found many cool things at thrift shops and flea markets to use for very cheap. I normally don't pay full price for anything. Have you been collecting envelopes from your bills and other mail? The inside of many of those have neat and unique printing. I haven't yet used them in my stuff, but have accumulated a bunch of them to do that.

Well, have a great 2010 and thanks again for stopping by and becoming a follower!