Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art Journal pages and a card

Trying my hand at art journalling again. The next 2 photos are of my newest pages. I'm trying to learn that I can be MESSY!! and not everything has to be neat and orderly haha

 Here is a card I whipped up this afternoon (took me a whole 10 minutes lol) for my Stamp Club meeting tomorrow night. Yes, I usually wait till the last minute.
 Two of my older art journal pages. I have more to show but didn't want to overload the page.
 **Note here-- I cannot draw for the life of me haha but on this one I decided to try LOL I do NOT like how my self portrait drawing came out.
Two posts in one day LOL Can't promise that will happen again soon LOL
Re: Sam's comment from yesterday's curtain post-- If I could fly over to the UK to do your lettering I would :)  I so want to go for a vaca there. My UK followers (and of course the lovely Dyan) have inspired me so much and everyone is just so nice, I would love to meet each and every one of you :)
Off to create something else lol


Virginia said...

Kerry your pages are gorgeous - don't worry about not being able to draw neither can I - in fact neither can most art journalers thats why we are journal - but I don't care, I use images from magazines and alter them up to the ying yang - all good fun! I'm loving those messy pages - I told you that you could do it! And I agree with everyone else those curtains are absolutely gorgeous and extremely inspiring!


From a rather cold Yorkshire this morning


Jessica said...

Wow I love your art journal pages! The one with all the red in particular, looks like that one was good therapy. :) (And your self portrait is like 10 times better than I could do too).

Kerry said...

Thank you Jessica. Yes the one with alot of red was very good therapy. :)