Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Latest project :)

 Watch out, now that I have begun to use the sewing machine, I think I will be sewing alot more. Decided the windows in the craft room needed some sprucing up. Dug through my stash of material and started on them over the weekend. A few days of sewing, a few days of painting. Yes, you read that right painting.
 And this is what I have so far. I have one left to do (will be done today). I love how they are coming out. I have made curtains before but usually it is just find the material, pin it and then sew. This time it was find the material, liner included, take my time, and measure so they are all the same length, and sew.
 I have also been making yoyo's. I am thinking of adding some to the curtains, not sure yet. They are so easy to make.
Just a quick project update. Will be back when curtains are done.
Have a good one.


Virginia said...

Loving those curtains - You'll have to show when they are completed and hung - they are going to look fabulous!

Kerry said...

Thank you Virginia. I will definetly post pics when they are all done :)