Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keeping busy

When lil one was born my sister sent flowers, this cute plastic flower bowl is what is left lol Well, I needed something prettier to store my loose flowers in :) so, I added 2 rows of lace, beading and stick some miscellaneous flowers together to make a big pretty one.
 And wahla a totally new and cute flower storage :)
 I am attempting to make a mini-skirt out of a very long skirt I bought at the local Goodwill a couple years ago. Have it all pinned, I just need to find time to sit at the machine and get to it.
 I decided that lil one needed a handmade stuffed bear :) My mom made all her grandkids monkey dolls, I'm not that patient lol! So, I'm making this. Will post pics when it is done.
 Just had to share the card we made at Stamp Club on friday night :) I think it is so cute. Alas, it is not staying here with me, it will be buzzing off soon to someone special :)
Well we have snow in the forecast from today till friday so I won't be outside much. Plan on staying in where it is warm and toasty :) Will be back soon with pics of finished projects and who knows what else.
Have a good one all :)


Wipso said...

Love the projects you're making and the card is gorgeous.
A x

Julia Dunnit said...

Ooh you're busy. Like the look of the skirt planning..and that bear is going to be very sweet.