Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Late posting my pics today. We have gotten slammed by a lovely (insert sarcastic tone) snow storm here and well I was busy shoveling earlier.
But anyway here are the pics of my desk that I took this morning.
 Stood a big farther back this time. I have so much going on and it all has ended up on the desk.
 Closeup. Still working on yoyo's, baby's teddy bear, haha have my nail polish sitting there too. Hopefully by next wednesday nothing will be on there lol Well, not these projects anyway.
Since I did a swing the last two times I decided to go to the left and down a bit. The left underneath of my desk is where I store all my paper. Top shelf is 8.5x11 and 6x6. Bottom is 12x12. In the milk crate is my stash of magazines, it is full to the brim and HEAVY!!! The jeans sitting in the pile are going to be made into skirts (well, I hope so anyway lol).
Well that is about it for today. Be sure to pop on over to Miss Julia's (our ever faithful WOYWW leader) page to see the rest of our desks :)


Virginia said...

Kerry I'm envious I can't see my desk at the moment so all my crafting stuff has spilled over into the kitchen and the dining room - it's starting to take over the world I'm sure it is!

Little Miss Crafty said...

I'm so jealous of your craft space i might even cry, kick and scream till we get a bigger space so i can have my own craft room! hehe

Paula Gale said...

great workspace Kerry - that teddy looks interesting - can you post it when you've finished so we can look please?

I spied the bell hung up - do you ring it when you need a cuppa LOL!!!

Paula x x x

Nikki said...

What a fantastic Place to play
and so much fun going on too
hugs Nikki

Julia Dunnit said...

As you can tell from my Thursday morning visit - it's never too late for a WOYWW! Your desk looks fascinating..and there have been changes since last time. Love the way we all seem to keep stuff under our noses in line of vision to make sure they get done!

butlersabroad said...

Great crafting space, I love it! The curtains look great hung up too. I'm so tired of this winter, your storm blew thru Michigan on Monday, it was a mess, more yesterday, icy roads and had to abandon my car on my own drive as I couldn't get to the garage last night! Roll on Spring!