Monday, March 01, 2010

Skirts :)

 This one was originally a long skirt that I got at the Goodwill. But I cut it to use for another project and just decided to make a short skirt with what was left.
 Old pair of Dickies white painter pants. Hard to see but in the v I used the leg part from a pair of black jeans. I have to do some more work on this one, I didn't measure haha and the back sticks out way too much lol.
 I think this is my favorite one. Notice more fabric from 1st skirt above.
 A little bit shorter one to wear with leggings.
Black dressy one.
I am also almost finished with the teddy bear but I am a little embarrassed to post a pic. I think it is ugly lol We will see when it is all the way done. I also have 1 more skirt to make but I am tired of sewing at the moment lol so, will be taking a break to work on this months Stamp Club project- a gift card holder or money holder.
Hope everyone has a great day.


Julia Dunnit said...

These work so well! I bet your machine complains when you sew throught he seams of the denim. Cor, go you!

Virginia said...

These are fantastic Kerry - we could do with you at the volunteering group I help with on a Tuesday altering clothing to be sold in a charity shop!

Hope you are well