Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Joining in on WOYWW via Stamping Ground.
 Not much going on. Mail, a card from my oldest :), a future project and some ATC's I received from a swap on the yahoo group I belong too.
 swing around to the left and well you see a big old mess. Sewing machine with future projects, D's school stuff, Christmas pics and supplies. Not much happening in the way of crafting around here. Grand baby has been a bit fussy the past few days :( and moma and I have been taking turns trying to get her settled.
Was supposed to post this the other day.
Off to work on my itunes playlist :)


Julia Dunnit said...

A card from your eldest, how lovely! Now, call me blind, but I can't see the sewing machine. However..I did spot a slightly open cupboard door and LOADS of acrylic you tole? Oh and Kerry - me too, I'm not down with all the inks and wipeing and stuff is only messy because I'm clumsy. I love the look of al the journals and textured paint and melt pot stuff, but I just, well, can't! Great WOYWW! Hope the baby is settling. Be so much easier if they coud say what the prob is!

Sam said...

I like the mugs for storage - I have a few of those myself!!! We're good at repurposing stuff!! ;-)

Kerry said...

Julia the sewing machine is in a cabinet right by where the paints are. I don't tole, I just paint on or whatever I get the inspiration too lol
Your right it would be so much easier if she could tell us what is going on lol
Sam, my oldest says that is one of my big problems lol I keep things just because I know I will use them for something :)

butlersabroad said...

Oh that's a busy room, lots going on and lots to nose at! Sounds like you're doing a lot of juggling at the moment, hope things settle down.